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to co-design and deliver
fit-for-purpose solutions

OSTrails will deliver a set of diverse and interconnected results (framework, methods, tools and services) across the three areas of Plan-Track-Assess, involving both national and domain-specific communities. Moreover, the project takes a meta approach to test results from the scope of Horizon Europe Open Science and Research Data Management requirements.

Every pilot forms a collection of hand-picked activities from the full list that is presented here.

Pilot activities build on plan-track-assess pathways reflecting the technology readiness and Open Science maturity of the ecosystem that adopts them.

  1. Develop maDMP templates​ for national projects, institutional and/or domain specific practices.

  2. Embed FAIR metrics within the maDMP templates to assess FAIRness of outputs​.

  3. Extend repositories for archiving maDMPs.

  4. Create qualified references between archived DMPs, data, publications​ and other outputs.

  5. Enhance catalogues and SKGs with entities, PIDs and relationships beyond publications and data.

  6. Interoperate with the OpenAIRE Graph and other SKGs.

  7. Co-define FAIR metrics for funders, institutions and research communities.

  8. Assess FAIRness of deposited outputs​.

  9. Co-define DMP evaluation criteria.

  10. Assess DMPs quality according to national policy and criteria​.

  11. Extend national monitoring systems and funder’s reporting systems with maDMPs.