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In this page, we share our publications spanning from project deliverables to scientific and position papers, policy and technical briefs.

As our OSTrails practices evolve, we expect the following high-level results:

Asset 23x 1 OSTrails Commons - Common methods, tools, services, guidance & training to provide end-to-end solutions that serve researchers, RPOs, RFOs.

Asset 23x 1 DMP Evaluation Rubric and Service - Co-developed with RFOs comprehensive rubric, and a service that identifies project features, specifies metrics and creates tests for measurement of maDMPs.

Asset 23x 1 SKGs Research Product Quality Toolbox - A set of annotation tools to improve quality in SKGs.

Asset 23x 1 Case Studies and Proof of Concept Instances - Well-tested scenarios for fit-for-purpose plan-track-assess pathways of OSTrails results adoption and implementation in different settings.

Asset 23x 1 Training Library and Integrated Competence Centre - Open learning resources for B2B and B2C training approaches and a network of trainers.

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