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Open Science

Open Science Trails (OSTrails) aims to improve the way we plan, track, and assess scientific knowledge. It wants to go beyond current methods, working with different countries and themes to make existing systems better and connect key parts for research and innovation (R&I). The goal is to create a practical, open, and FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) system for European scientific research. OSTrails involves major players in Data Management Plans, FAIR Assessment Tools, and Scientific Knowledge Graphs to set standards and make data plans more efficient across Europe.


  • Design: Create a plan for a European research system that seamlessly connects different stages of research, ensuring compatibility across various types of digital content. Identify gaps and design models for effective data management.

  • Implement & Federate: Upgrade existing research platforms to work together more efficiently. Make Data Management Plans (DMPs), Scientific Knowledge Graphs (SKGs), and assessments more automated and interconnected. Develop a shared resource pool called OSTrails Commons.

  • Empower FAIRness: Develop tools and guidance for assessing data and plans in a standardized and effective way. Focus on making assessments more user-friendly and improving the quality of data management plans.

  • Co-Create & Adopt: Work with different communities to put the plan into action. Test the system in real-world scenarios, gather feedback, and provide training. Collaborate with other projects and create a community-led structure for implementing and adhering to standards.