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Scientific Knowledge Graphs

The objective of the OSTrails project is to significantly improve the Scientific Knowledge Graphs (SKGs) in alignment with the Research Data Alliance (RDA) SKG-Interoperability and EOSC Interoperability Framework. The focus is on integrating metadata to facilitate the creation and evaluation of Data Management Plans (DMPs). Additionally, the project aims to enhance traceability for a wide array of digital objects, promoting the effective use of SKGs in research assessment.

To accomplish these goals, the project defines metrics for evaluating the quality of SKGs in terms of accuracy, coverage, coherence, and succinctness. The scope extends to establishing metadata that enriches the representation of diverse research outputs and their relationships. This involves specifying metadata, identifiers, semantics, and metrics related to FAIRness, quality, and impact across various digital objects, including publications, data, software, protocols, peer-reviews, patents, maDMPs, and maFAIRTests, spanning multiple scientific domains.

The project places a strong emphasis on linking research products, especially maDMPs, to all associated entities such as input/output data, software, scientists, funding, and projects. This ensures a comprehensive and semantically connected Scientific Knowledge Graph.