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FAIR Assessments

The OSTrails project has set ambitious goals to enhance the implementation of FAIR principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) for a broad spectrum of digital objects. In adapting the RDA FAIR Maturity Model and broadening the scope of metrics, the project aims to establish minimum levels of FAIRness across different types of digital objects, including publications, data, software, workflows, methods, protocols, maDMPs (machine-actionable Data Management Plans), and learning materials. The project's objectives also include delivering discipline-specific metrics as profiles within a flexible model, defining minimum FAIRness standards for each addressed digital object type, and establishing APIs to facilitate the exchange of FAIR assessment metrics among tools. This exchange will cover a wide range of digital objects and allow for configuration to enhance machine actionability. Finally, the OSTrails Reference Architecture will play a crucial role in unifying these components, providing specifications for platform interactions that deliver Scientific Knowledge Graphs (SKGs), Data Management Plans (DMPs), and FAIR assessments. This includes defining API interactions, data exchange mechanisms, and ensuring the use of Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure (AAI) for secure and trusted data exchange.