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Data Management Plans

The OSTrails project is dedicated to enhancing Data Management Plans (DMPs) by extending the RDA DMP Common maDMP Model. Its key objectives include establishing the maDMP as the central framework for DMP information exchange and elevating it to the status of a FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) output. To achieve this, the project aims to comprehensively formalize and extend the model, ensuring coverage of essential horizontal elements like input and output data, publication links, reproducibility, legal and ethical considerations. These elements will be represented consistently using Persistent Identifiers (PIDs) and versioning mechanisms. Additionally, the project will refine the model by adding attributes to seamlessly integrate third-party information sources such as Scientific Knowledge Graphs (SKGs), registries, vocabularies, catalogues, and FAIR assessment platforms. Software will be treated as a first-class citizen, and FAIR metrics will be incorporated into DMP templates. The project also endeavors to assess DMPs, focusing on metrics related to the quality of DMP metadata, including completeness, adequacy, and correctness to improve overall reliability in the research data landscape.