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OpenAIRE, the Open Access Infrastructure for Research in Europe, is proudly serving the European Commission’s vision for Open Access for ten years and is now considered to be one of the pillars of EOSC for its core services, such as the Metadata Guidelines for repositories interoperability or the Research Graph for a full view of the wealth of Open Science information and semantics in Europe and beyond.
As a legal entity, OpenAIRE supports: (a) the distributed e-infrastructure for e-science in Europe; (b) the Network of e-science organisations and individuals in Europe; and (c) a European e-science policy collaboration network. OpenAIRE Members are responsible for carrying out activities that ensure growth in aforementioned areas.

Contact persons

Natalia Manola
Paolo Manghi

Role in the project

OpenAIRE is the coordinator of the OS Trails, ensures the alignment of activities and interactions among work packages and actively participates in the governance structure to ensure the utilization of the project’s results beyond its completion (WP6). OpenAIRE is involved in SKGs and FAIR assessment interoperability frameworks and leads the interoperability of the reference architecture for OS Trails (WP1). Additionally, OpenAIRE takes the lead in aligning SKGs platforms and contributes to the alignment of FAIR assessment platforms (WP2). OpenAIRE engages in harmonizing existing services with new ones, ensuring proper functionality and enhancing the quality of SKGs for research assessment (WP3). Moreover, OpenAIRE leads the Horizon Europe Pilot (WP4) and is responsible for preparing the dissemination and communication plan. OpenAIRE participates in developing mechanisms for a training commons and an integrated competence center around the project's pillars, as well as mechanisms for tools, guidance, and best practices for data stewards, developers, and researchers. OpenAIRE is also actively involved in the activities of the Liaison Office (WP5).