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OSTrails’ partners co-authored and signed the Salzburg Manifesto on Machine Actionable Data Management Plans

17 May 2024

Setting the scene 

At the dawn of 2024, just two weeks after OSTrails kicked off, the core Data Management Plan (DMP) service providers of the project, namely ARGOS, DAMAP and DSW, published the Salzburg Manifesto on machine-actionable Data Management Plans (maDMPs). This manifesto proudly presents the shared commitment of the major DMP service providers in the EU, US, and UK to continue collaborating and optimising data management planning through common standards and automations.

Why It Matters

In today’s digital research landscape, the need for efficient and streamlined data management practices has never been more critical. Recent developments reveal the community’s need for seamless and automated exchange of scientific information across (Research Data Management) RDM services. DMP platforms support this need at the planning stage and have the potential to lead the acquisition of new competences and harmonising best practices across the RDM lifestyle while stimulating cultural change and innovation. 

About the Manifesto

Emerging from a longstanding collaboration in the context of the Research Data Alliance’s Active DMPs IG and DMP Common Standard WG, the manifesto portrays the DMP providers’ and users’ common vision and commitment to driving progress and innovation in the field of research data. It calls for endorsement by the global scientific community to collectively turn DMPs from static .pdfs to active and “living” documents.

OSTrails enriching the European Open Science Cloud with maDMPs

Representing the European landscape, managers of ARGOS (OpenAIRE, ARC, CITE), DAMAP (TU WIEN), and DSW (CTU in Prague, Codevence) who co-chair the RDA groups, led the authorship of the Salzburg Manifesto providing input from the OSTrails project that reflects the EOSC priorities and directions towards a “Web of FAIR data and services”. Their efforts seek to align with other regions to standardise the DMP practices, gazing at a future where data management is not just a requirement but a catalyst for groundbreaking discoveries and strong collaborations.

OSTrails aims to advance the planning, monitoring, and evaluation of scientific knowledge production in EOSC by promoting FAIR principles, connectivity, and machine actionability throughout the research lifecycle. To achieve this goal at the planning stage, the project leverages the DMP Common Standard and the consortium’s expertise and participatory spirit to improve the efficacy of DMPs and transform them into machine-actionable resources serving the diverse needs of national and thematic RDM communities

Through this involvement, OSTrails is participating as a pioneer in the genesis of a community of practice that thrives on mutual consultation and creates an open space where expertise can be freely shared and valued.


Join the community by signing the Salzburg Manifesto: ActiveDMPs 

Zenodo record: Salzburg Manifesto on machine actionable Data Management Plans

Written by

Tassos Stavropoulos
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