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The University of Oxford participate in OSTrails via the Data Readiness Group (, based at the Oxford e-Researcher Centre in the Department of Engineering Science.
The United Kingdom

University supports the research community to conduct research and innovation activities with rigour and transparency, acknowledging that new tools and models are emerging in how research findings are published, disseminated, and evaluated, and in how contributions are recognised. Therefore in 2022 the University has established the Research Practice, which the Professor Susanna-Assunta Sansone is the Academic Lead of.

Contact persons

Susanna-Assunta Sansone
Allyson Lister

Role in the project

The UOXF Data Readiness Group brings to the project FAIRsharing (, a resource of interrelated registries of standards, repositories and policies in all disciplines, along with its Network of stakeholders, the Community Champions and the Educational component. UOXF actively contributes to SKGs and FAIR assessment interoperability frameworks, as well as the OSTrails interoperability reference architecture (WP1); provides support for alignment in both FAIR assessment platforms and services and resources (WP2). UOXF takes on the role of supervisor in activities related to services for domain-specific and digital-object-specific assessments, and engages in efforts to harmonize existing services with new ones and ensuring their proper functionality to enhance assessment through guidance (WP3). UOXF also actively participates in Thematic Pilots (WP4), with two roles: co-leading the coordination of the EOSC Science Clusters and representing the EOSC-Life (Life Science) cluster. It also contributes to the establishment of training commons and an integrated competence center, developing guidance, and best practices for developers, researchers, and data stewards (WP5). Additionally, UOXF provides support in activities aimed at ensuring the adoption and implementation of project results even after the project concludes (WP6).